Who is Christopher Forden?

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G’day, my name is Chris and I am a new and interesting blogger.

I have served 12.5 Years in The Australian Army as a Advanced Operator Administrative and Fitter Armament Advanced. I have had the opportunity to see most of this great country we call Australia whilst employed by The Army. I have been posted to the Northern Territory, South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland. I have Deployed on Operations to the Middle East with the 7th Battalion,
The Royal Australian Regiment as part of Security Detachment to the Australian Embassy in Baghdad.

Anzac Day


I grew up in a coal mining town called Lithgow, in the central tablelands of New South Wales. Life in Lithgow was different, I grew up in a broken family with a single mother for most of my childhood. The particular part of town I grew up in was rife with Alcohol, Drugs and Violence. As a kid it wasn’t anything for me to come home of an afternoon from the park in tears after one of the older kids would try and bash you or hurt you in some manner. I was lucky enough that we got out of that area after my mother met her new husband, he took us into his house and life got a little easier.

After I finished Year 10, I was encouraged by the principal to not go onto to year 11 & 12 as it was of his opinion I didn’t have the academics to continue with school. His words have stuck with me to this day and I use them to drive me forward, they are ‘I think you will be one of those people that I see on the streets, you will become nothing’. I went on to finish a Certificate IV & III in Engineering -Mechanical, had a successful career in the Military and am now looking at my next steps as a photojournalist.

I am currently studying a Certificate IV in Photography and Photo Imaging and once I have completed the course, I will go onto complete a Bachelor of Photography,
Majoring in Documentary Photography. I look forward to bringing you the most up to date and relevant information from Australia and around the world.




  1. You’re a hero for serving our country, and a hero for inspiring people with your incredible photography. Life’s experiences have given you incredible insight and an eye for detail. I’ve always had a lot of respect for you Chris, you’re a good egg. Wish you all the best, looking forward to your posts!


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