Equine Therapy – A Wounded Heroes Initiative

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Today I headed out to Redcliffe, QLD to partake in Equine Therapy. As a sufferer of PTSD, Major Depression and Anxiety Disorder, this was really a good chance to just bond and get away from what triggers everything.

back in the stables after a long day with the soldiers from Enoggera Barracks’ Soldier Recovery Centre (SRC)
The Program was created by Wounded Heroes Australia to help soldiers dealing with the stresses of what they’ve been through during their time in the military, a chance to connect with horses and make a bond and connection with these majestic animals. The Idea is this bond allows you to de-stress and unwind from the noise that creates the storm in their heads.

A Soldier from SRC bonds with on of the horses
The soldiers at the end of the day are noticeably relaxed and have made a bond that cannot be broken with these majestic creatures. The ability to come back and share this connection, gives the soldiers respite from their otherwise crowded minds.


The Organiser, Peter Riches,  is also a returned serviceman and Vietnam Veteran. He volunteers his time to help the soldiers of today, his ability to share similar emotion makes the experience all that more accommodating and pleasant.

Organiser Peter Riches sits and chats to diggers of today
The Soldiers feedback from the event has been overwhelmingly positive. For them, it’s not just about getting off base, but that connection that they have made with the horses, it is an everlasting memory that they can go back to and reflect on when times for them are dark.

A soldier bonds with the majestic horse, creating everlasting memories
If you want to know more about Wounded Heroes, you can find more information about them through there website http://www.woundedheroes.org.au/. I look forward to the next time I can bring you more news on what these guys are doing.

Trainer, Jane Slayer keeps a watchful eye on the horses as they are washed

Jane Slayer is the President of Riding for disabled association, the associations slogan is Riding Develops Ability (RDA). The venue and the horses for these events are provided by Volunteers at the Redcliffe Showgrounds. Janes team runs a similar program called riding for disabled. The program brings the local community with physical and cognitive disabilities the chance to interact with the horses on a emotional and physical level. 

David a volunteer and coach for riding for disabled works tirelessly around the venue to keep it up to date.


  1. This is an amazing initiative. I knew that equine therapy is ised for children and adults with disabilities, but it is so fantastic it’s being used for our wounded young men with Mental Health disorders. Congratulations to all concerned.

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  2. I am so happy to see that these wonderful people are making a connection that I have been enjoying my whole life with horses. I really hope this program flourishes and helps to get our soldiers to a place of healing. Well done.

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